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Stanley Tumbler Mace and Holder Set, Stanley 40oz tumbler, Stanley Cup Accessory, Includes Mace

Stanley Tumbler Mace and Holder Set, Stanley 40oz tumbler, Stanley Cup Accessory, Includes Mace

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Introducing the perfect accessory for your Stanley tumbler - our Mace Holder! Designed to securely hold a small container of mace or pepper spray, this innovative product adds an extra layer of safety to your daily routine. Whether you're commuting, hiking, or enjoying outdoor activities, our Mace Holder ensures that self-defense is always within reach.


Secure Fit: Our custom-designed holder snugly fits your small mace or pepper spray container, ensuring it stays in place even during vigorous activities.

Compatibility: The Mace Holder is specifically designed for use with Stanley tumblers, providing a seamless fit and maintaining the integrity of your tumbler's insulation properties.

Easy Access: The ergonomic design of our Mace Holder allows for quick and easy access to your self-defense tool when you need it most.

Customizable: Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to match your personal style, or even request a custom design to make your Mace Holder truly unique.

Durable Materials: Our Mace Holder is made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials that are built to withstand daily wear and tear.

Easy Installation: The holder comes with a user-friendly attachment mechanism that securely clips onto your Stanley tumbler without any tools or permanent modifications.

Peace of Mind: With the Mace Holder attached to your Stanley tumbler, you can feel confident knowing that self-defense is always within arm's reach.

Upgrade your Stanley tumbler with our stylish and functional Mace Holder, and enjoy the added peace of mind that comes with knowing you're prepared for any situation. Order yours today and take the first step towards a safer, more secure lifestyle.

We love the Stanley 40 oz tumbler just as much as you do! Perfect gift for her or gift for him.

Handmade in the U.S.A, the Stanley chapstick holder is 3d printed.

Stanley tumbler or lid is NOT included. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Hand wash only!

All items are final, and we canโ€™t accept returns and exchanges. However, Your satisfaction is our priority; message me if you have any problems.

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